Success story : Ashadeep Bhiwadi

🏗️ A Success Story

Transforming Ashadeep Group's Bhiwadi Project

In 2017, Golden BRX embarked on a strategic partnership with Ashadeep Group for their Bhiwadi project. At the time, the project was facing challenges in cash flow and was struggling to gain momentum in the market.

The Challenges:

  • Cash Flow Struggles: The project was facing financial difficulties that hindered its progress.
  • Limited Interest: The market interest in the project was relatively low, making it challenging to attract buyers.

Golden BRX's Role:

Golden BRX recognized the potential of the project and was determined to turn things around. Here's how they contributed to its success:

  1. Financial Expertise: Golden BRX brought its financial expertise to the table, helping Ashadeep Group restructure their financial plan to generate positive cash flow. This ensured the project's sustainability and progress.
  2. Marketing and Sales Excellence: Golden BRX implemented effective marketing and sales strategies to generate interest and attract pure home buyers. Their dedicated efforts resonated with potential buyers and instilled confidence in the project.

The Results:

  1. Cash Flow Improvement: With the financial restructuring and diligent management by Golden BRX, the project's cash flow improved significantly.
  2. 180 Units Sold: Within just two years, Golden BRX successfully sold 180 units to pure home buyers who saw the value in the project.
  3. Top-Rated Project: Today, the once-struggling project has transformed into a top-rated development in Bhiwadi, thanks to Golden BRX's dedication and expertise.


Golden BRX's partnership with Ashadeep Group in 2017 serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence in real estate. Through their financial acumen, marketing prowess, and dedication to customer satisfaction, they not only helped revive a struggling project but also elevated it to become a top-rated success story in Bhiwadi. This achievement showcases Golden BRX's ability to turn challenges into opportunities and their unwavering commitment to their clients and projects. 🌆🏡💪